Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This photo pretty well sums up the last week. Hi again. Jenna tagged me um, a month ago, and Rachael tagged me today, so I guess maybe I ought to do the dang thing.

1. My favorite song in the history of recorded music is, far and away, "Livin' On a Prayer" by the illustrious Bon Jovi. Everything else just pales in comparison to that masterpiece of New Jersey pop-metal brilliance.

2. I have a fake tooth. I worry how obvious this fact is when I smile.

3. It's almost my birthday (December 1st) and I identify very strongly with my zodiac sign. So as a Saggitarious, I am fun, but my foot pretty much never leaves my mouth.

4. I don't know if this has much to do with being a Sag, but my attention span is about three seconds long.

5. This makes me well-suited for kindergarten, which moves at the speed of light. I think it's a good fit. I need to go back to school and do this for real. (And yes, I can manage not to use the eff-word in front of the children, but I do say "dude" a lot. As in "Dude, you need to sit down at your table! That is not your work. Make a better choice.")

6. Um, I guess there have been a kind of surprising number of times when I have met folks for the first time and they have thought I was from Europe. And not because I am so extremely fashionable and worldly that there is positively no way I could be from Middle Of Nowhere, NY. It's more like "Where did you get your accent? Are you Romanian?". WTF, people. It's embarassing. It happened twice at my first JoAnn, once in the quad at Brockport, and at knit club. I guess I talk funny and possess some prominent eyebrows. I should have just played it off and told them I was an exchange student, but I'm also a horrible liar.

7. I definitley like Coke Zero better than Diet Coke. Hands down.

Ok. That was eye-opening. You're it: Binet, Kim, Tristan, and Papa Dukes. Your job: post this on your little blog, think of seven weird things about yourself, tag some friends, and leave them a comment to let them know they are tagged. Have fun, and happy self-reflection.


pixi said...


jenna said...

Your dad looks like my dad, shooting random, crazy pics from the dinner table. Usually of people who aren't ready to have their picture taken. He refers to this technique as "candid."

knitlit kate said...

happy birthday fake tooth romanian sagi-girl. nastrovya.

rr said...

Dear Jenna,

I drove 750 miles for that event, as was very crazy well before the trip began. Bits are free, and E&A paid for the electricity for my battery.

Pictures at ...

Dear Erin,

I knew that I'd been meme-tagged, but lack a certain number of blog friends, not to mention having a savage amount of self-reflection to kill. I'll get to it, I promise. Perhaps a treatise on Connectors in Windows Home Server - that'll fix ya'll artsy-crafty types.


rr (aka - The Dad)