Saturday, December 08, 2007

Borrowing, Part # I forget. 3?

Davenport Public Library
Main Street
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Customer name: HOLST, ERIN M

Title: Knitting rules!
ID: 30050056672255
Due: 12/26/2007,23:59

Title: The best American nonrequired reading 2003
ID: 30050054345870
Due: 12/26/2007,23:59

Title: Blue jelly : love lost and the lessons of canning
ID: 30050033953695
Due: 12/26/2007,23:59

Title: Kaffe Fassett's quilt road
ID: 30050054459754
Due: 12/26/2007,23:59

Title: Kaffe Fassett's kaleidoscope of quilts : twenty designs from Rowan for patchwork and quilting
ID: 30050056800617
Due: 12/26/2007,23:59

Total items: 5
12/5/2007 3:11 PM

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Have a great day!

This week sucked, thank who-ever it's almost over. I need to go sew now. See you like, next year.


Lindsay said...

i own the best nonrequired of 2003. it's lovely. enjoy.

erin michelle said...

Dear Lindday, thanks for the encouragement. I am so glad they included Lynda Barry I could squeal. My new goal in life is to read them all. Anything for Dave Eggers. ANYTHING. xo erin