Sunday, May 18, 2008


X your fingers for Nortie.
Originally uploaded by Erin Or Die.

This is Norton. You've seen him before. He is my most bestest cat friend. On Wednesday when I came home from work, he was acting very strangely. I knew something was wrong when he didn't come running at the sound of the cat food hitting his bowl. He was hiding under furniture and making those awful, heart-breaking cat yowlie sounds. We rushed him to the animal hospital that evening. They told us his urethra was blocked so the poor thing couldn't pee, which can be deadly if not treated quickly. They put him on a catheter and on Friday he had surgery to widen his urethra. This is probably too graphic and I'm sorry but oh well this is what is going on. He's been at the emergency animal clinic since Friday night and we're trying to stay hopeful, but he won't eat, and he's having trouble emptying his bladder without the catheter. We went to visit him yesterday and it was so sad. He has a big cone around his neck so he can't get at his sutures or the catheter, and he's all shaved and dirty and his eyes are all wild and red. He kept hiding in the corner and he wouldn't even eat with us there to feed him. He kept stumbling into shit with that big dumb cone around him. It is the most saddest thing ever to watch normally happy-go-lucky, super-friendly Nort-Nort in so much obvious discomfort. We feel very helpless and awful and all I want is him to get better and come home safe. Please keep Noodle in your thoughts or something, and wish him a speedy recovery. It doesn't feel right without him here.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


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