Monday, December 31, 2007


Hello, friends. Today we are here, standing on the edge of 2008. Welcome to Knit or Die Post No. 100. Leave a comment, I'll pick a winner at random in one week (Monday January 8) and that lovely person gets a prize sent to them in the mail. I don't know what it will be yet, but it will be a prize and it will be for you. So yeah. I think today I am going to listen to lots of loud rock music and try to restore some order to the Fort. I'd post a photograph to demonstrate how horrifying but it's just too awful to share. You would cry. And that would be a sad way to ring in the New Year.

Peace, love, and death-metal,
xoxoxo erin

p.s. I kind of made a mess of the template. But Blogger is too frustrating right now before coffee so please accept my apologies.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


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My brain is mush.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Cute overload: Aaron gave me a big red wagon with hardcore tires for my birthday, for hauling stuff around. Like plants and Martha Stewart Everyday at K-Mart purchases and our imaginary children. He listens when I talk (constantly) and I love that about him. Here is the Girl Cat noozling up in said wagon, currently parked in the dining room.

So the quilting is completed and all that is left is stitching the damned bindings down, which I can't bring myself to do any way other than by hand. It's hateful and time consuming and slower than the slowest slow was ever slow, but it's coming together and that feels good. We are scheduled to depart the Quad Cities International Airport in 24 hours. I'm doing laundry and last-minute crafting my face off as furiously as I can. A's bro & his wife gave me Desperate Housewives Season 2, which is helping the previously mentioned horror of hand-stitching for miles along. I got their kiddo this toy for Christmas. It's hilarious. I love it. It's gonna get so annoying so fast, I can hardly wait. I couldn't find a drum kit at Walmart. They probably would have seen right through that anyway. I'll see you guys soon. Everybody have a happy holiday, ya heard? I raise my mimosa to you. Cheers, and happy happy, friends.

P.S. Sweet Juniper is my new favorite blog. Absolutley, Parent Differently. I'm with them.

Friday, December 14, 2007


Maybe I am the last one to hear about THIS but WTF? MSLO is killing Blueprint?! I feel blindsided, and I should have seen it coming. Remember when they were giving subscriptions away with the purchase of that Fancy Special Weddings Issue a while back? Honestly, I want to know what they are thinking. It's just like how they turned MS Kids magazine (which I totally was buying at the newsstand even though I don't even HAVE kids, the stuff was so cute and fun) into a COLUMN in Living. Martha publications keep eating each other. It's a stupid move though, IMHO, and this is why: in real life, normal people (read: not me and Aaron) become "engaged" with a ring and a Fancy Pants Proposal (Aaron asked me to be his wife in the awful galley kitchen in the old awful apartment, ---wait, technically, only one of us could have been IN the kitchen, he must have been in the living room/bedroom, that stupid apartment was that small,----- with a ring he twisted out of wire, when we had been dating about 3 months) and normally, the wedding follows, what, a year-ish later? You tell me, I obviously don't know. So you buy wedding mags for one year. Even if you buy every issue for a year, that's only like, twenty, thirty dollars. And once you are married and your thank you notes are sent out, you are no longer a target for MS Weddings magazine (unless you end up remarrying, but let's not be cynical and insinuate that such an outcome is what MS is banking on). What are they going to sell you now? The Blueprint blog? Jerks. I enjoy Blueprint. It was like a Domino with a sense of humor that liked to get drunk sometimes and didn't assume you had a bottomless bank account (and a stick in your... you-know). I finally caved and subscribed to Domino, but it's totally not the same. Dang. And I was all feelin' bad for Martha lately, too, since she lost her mom. Ugh. What a mess. I hate everything.

Excepting, but not limited to:

Alexander Henry. My love knows no bounds.
This cat. Again, love, no bounds, yadda yadda.
These disgustingly yummy treat things. I know they are profoundly wrong, but they require almost nothing on my part, and deliver such a "How could anything this gross be so delicious?" thrill.


Saturday, December 08, 2007

Borrowing, Part # I forget. 3?

Davenport Public Library
Main Street
Check Out Receipt
Customer name: HOLST, ERIN M

Title: Knitting rules!
ID: 30050056672255
Due: 12/26/2007,23:59

Title: The best American nonrequired reading 2003
ID: 30050054345870
Due: 12/26/2007,23:59

Title: Blue jelly : love lost and the lessons of canning
ID: 30050033953695
Due: 12/26/2007,23:59

Title: Kaffe Fassett's quilt road
ID: 30050054459754
Due: 12/26/2007,23:59

Title: Kaffe Fassett's kaleidoscope of quilts : twenty designs from Rowan for patchwork and quilting
ID: 30050056800617
Due: 12/26/2007,23:59

Total items: 5
12/5/2007 3:11 PM

Thank you for using the
Davenport Public Library

Have a great day!

This week sucked, thank who-ever it's almost over. I need to go sew now. See you like, next year.