Saturday, February 23, 2008


This is where I will be for the duration of the weekend. Because I need my floor back if I am ever going to get anything done. Take care, friends. xoxox.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Happy Valentine's Day, my squishies. I made these little guys for my kiddos at school, and for you, too. Have a lovely evening. Get some. xoxoxo.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Originally uploaded by Erin Or Die.

When I was home in July, Jenna took me to the most amazing country mall antique shop. I had like, four dollars left, and noooo room in my suitcase. We saw a darling set of these Pyrex nesting mixing bowls, and I squealed a lot (probably lots of cuss words) about how perfect they were and how in the hell could I possibly get those onto an airplane back to my new midwest home wow I hate my life. The memory of those bowls has been haunting me (HAUNTING ME I TELL YOU) ever since. I am currently purusing eBay and kicking myself. I should have charged them. It totally would have been worth the trouble of carrying a set of mixing bowls on an aircraft because $36 plus NYS sales tax with no shipping and handling is an excellent price for such a find. So, if you ever feel like buying me a present, it's called Amish Butterprint. If I weren't so hopelessly cheap, I would be making bad choices via Paypal right this second. Maybe I'll splurge and bid on the butter dish ; )

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Not Worrying.

Over the past six-ish months, I have been collecting brown and turquoise/blue-ish prints to make a snowball quilt for us, because all my quilts have been gifts and it's time for us to keep one! I took a lot of time collecting the fabric, I even got a new spiffy ruler (6.5"x24.5", it's great, I highly recommend it), and I finished cutting up all the little squares today (two freaking snow days in a row, can you believe? I'd be happy if not for the fact that my next paycheck is going to suck, profoundly). All laid out before me, my nagging fear was undeniable: the assortment I have accumulated is a bloody mess. There is no connective thread beyond the pretty loose color limitations. I always do this.

So I was going to post a photo and whine a bunch about my spazzy calico compilation and lack of forethought with regards to my quilt tops' cohesion, and dig for some reassurance, when I found:

Norton Likes It

and he says it's okay. What's the big deal. It's a blanket. Let's stay focused here. Quilt on.