Saturday, September 29, 2007


I suck at having a blog. This photo is what our life is like. There's bills and Diet Coke and more fabric and less sewing and Anthropologie catologs (I regret ever signing up for that, they just makes me irrationally angry) and crumpled-up construction paper with MISS ERIN written in shaky crayon letters, everywhere. I mailed Alex's birthday gloves without taking a picture of them, 25 days after her birthday. Nevermind I am a bad blogger, I am an even worse sister. Who am I kidding. This blog is a joke. Oh well. I'm going to a cocktail party now. Call me. See ya later.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Tres novel, no? Forgive my (not entirely unusual) lack of blog. This time my excuse is that I left the camera in the glovebox nearly two weeks ago after a W900 show and I can only seem to remember this fact when the car and I are many miles apart.

I am having an EXTREMELY hard time accepting that THIS sensational clock is from WALMART. I WANT it. Resistance is futile. We are a cuckcoo clock lovin' family over here and I can't believe that clock is from Walmart and I need it. This is the first time ever in my entire blog-reading life I have seen something on the extremely inspirational decor8 that I could actually, conceivably have for myself, without guilt or excessive credit card debt.

Anyways, I finished the Birthday Girl's gloves a few days ago, they are blocked and dry and lovely and they need to go into the mail ASAP as her birthday was 3 weeks ago now. I still haven't solved the dilema of how to photo them. So that's good. I finished something

Oh and speaking of finishing. Last week I spent half an hour sitting on the floor trying to trace the crotch of a pair of pajama pants so I could sew up a pair for me out of some fabric that has been waitingpatiently for me for a very long time. Crotchlines. Not Fun. So I said Bump This and went into work at the Fabric Hole the next day and as soon as I clocked out, I went through the book of whatever company was on sale (Butterick at the time), grabbed a jammie pattern for less than 2 bucks, went home and turned them out. I feel like I should have been able to figure the shaping out, but if it took ANY LONGER than it absolutley had to, they were not going to happen. Cursed, stupid crotchline. Wonderful sloppy flannel pj pants though, coffee and donuts print. Best pants ever.