Saturday, September 29, 2007


I suck at having a blog. This photo is what our life is like. There's bills and Diet Coke and more fabric and less sewing and Anthropologie catologs (I regret ever signing up for that, they just makes me irrationally angry) and crumpled-up construction paper with MISS ERIN written in shaky crayon letters, everywhere. I mailed Alex's birthday gloves without taking a picture of them, 25 days after her birthday. Nevermind I am a bad blogger, I am an even worse sister. Who am I kidding. This blog is a joke. Oh well. I'm going to a cocktail party now. Call me. See ya later.

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rr said...


You're a good sister, and a wonderful kid. I'll leave the wife stuff to your hubby.

I saw the gloves live. She took them home. She seemed happy. I didn't take a picture of them either :-)

Everyone's life is diet coke and crumpled paper and general clutter.

You're not alone. Never are. never have been.

Blogs are what they are. Us, being us. We're good.

Hugs and kisses and stuff,

The Dad.