Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I should rilly just buy Passionate Patchwork before they notice how often I check it out. Also I don't think I am old enough to be reading I Feel Bad About My Neck, but I am going to anyway. I didn't expect my thrifted copy of Erma's If Life Is a Bowl Of Cherries, What am I Doing in the Pits? to hit me like it did, so you never know. I love that book. I should probably make it my life's work to obtain every edition of said title. I only bought it because the "bowl of cherries" cliche kept popping up in my work (don't you think that cherries are a really loaded symbol? Maybe it's crass, but I do), and it had goofy illustrations I wanted to cut out and paste to some silly thing. But then I read it, and I remember crying on the bus, thinking how weird it was that I was reading this hilarious book and crying on a bus. It's the seed of Desperate Housewives, only no one is gorgeous and people don't get killed all the time.

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Title: Created in darkness by troubled Americans : the best of McSweeney's, humor category
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Title: I feel bad about my neck : and other thoughts on being a woman
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Title: Ready made : how to make (almost) everything : a do-it-yourself primer
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Title: Passionate patchwork : over 20 original quilt designs
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pixi said...

i wanted to check out nora's book, too -- so you're not the only twenty-something who is interested in her musings.

unfortunately, the sparse number of copies circulating through the boston public library system had, like, 82 holds on them, so i didn't think i'd ever get one before i left town. i'll have to try again in new york.

love and miss you.

Amber said...

god bless the happy hooker. crochet is bad for me because for some reason, I feel like it is ok to substitue nasty redheartsupersaver for any worsted weight yarn. Like, I don't know. Maybe because Sheila got me into it and it is all she every uses? That is the yarn people buy me when they buy me yarn, so I have a lot lot lot. Ok anyhow.

I love you. I am getting married in a week with no rehersal, so I am actually getting nervous. Ugh.