Thursday, July 26, 2007


The promise of lasagna is not an empty one. Behold:

Only thing I messed up is please add a layer of noodles after the first saucing. I must have forgotten to snap that step. Also note that I am too generous with my materials at the beginning and have to scrape towards the end. I don't usually boil the noodles before they get piled on, and they come out okay, but next time I make it, provided it's any less than 4 million degrees in the kitchen, I think I may give them five minutes of boiling time.

Thursday, July 19, 2007



Oh, hi.
I chilled with 99 percent of the people who read this blog while I was there, so I guess I will just say that my trip to Rochester was lovely. I had fun every day. Even the rainy ones. You can too go home. Whoever said you can't is a bully. Although the word "home" does start to get quite blurry and convoluted as time wears on, you can go. At least for a bit. I went home and then I went home. If I talk about this topic at any length at all I start getting quite teary and also nauseous so I'm stopping now, so I'll end by saying I look forward to my next visit and thank you all for being so dear.

I'm actually quite tired and mildly screwed up from probably more the staying up all night than the one piddly hour time zone change, and from spending the past two days wrassling scrapbook embellishments, with many more to follow. Tiny paper wine bottle. Tiny paper french fries. Tiny paper grad gown. Tiny paper phone booth. Tiny paper Statue of Liberty. Tiny paper sushi. Tiny paper prom. An entire life told in tiny paper approximations.

I'm missing Interpol at Harro East Right Now. GRR. But should this be the greatest injustice of my life, I'll recover.