Saturday, February 09, 2008


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When I was home in July, Jenna took me to the most amazing country mall antique shop. I had like, four dollars left, and noooo room in my suitcase. We saw a darling set of these Pyrex nesting mixing bowls, and I squealed a lot (probably lots of cuss words) about how perfect they were and how in the hell could I possibly get those onto an airplane back to my new midwest home wow I hate my life. The memory of those bowls has been haunting me (HAUNTING ME I TELL YOU) ever since. I am currently purusing eBay and kicking myself. I should have charged them. It totally would have been worth the trouble of carrying a set of mixing bowls on an aircraft because $36 plus NYS sales tax with no shipping and handling is an excellent price for such a find. So, if you ever feel like buying me a present, it's called Amish Butterprint. If I weren't so hopelessly cheap, I would be making bad choices via Paypal right this second. Maybe I'll splurge and bid on the butter dish ; )

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