Friday, December 14, 2007


Maybe I am the last one to hear about THIS but WTF? MSLO is killing Blueprint?! I feel blindsided, and I should have seen it coming. Remember when they were giving subscriptions away with the purchase of that Fancy Special Weddings Issue a while back? Honestly, I want to know what they are thinking. It's just like how they turned MS Kids magazine (which I totally was buying at the newsstand even though I don't even HAVE kids, the stuff was so cute and fun) into a COLUMN in Living. Martha publications keep eating each other. It's a stupid move though, IMHO, and this is why: in real life, normal people (read: not me and Aaron) become "engaged" with a ring and a Fancy Pants Proposal (Aaron asked me to be his wife in the awful galley kitchen in the old awful apartment, ---wait, technically, only one of us could have been IN the kitchen, he must have been in the living room/bedroom, that stupid apartment was that small,----- with a ring he twisted out of wire, when we had been dating about 3 months) and normally, the wedding follows, what, a year-ish later? You tell me, I obviously don't know. So you buy wedding mags for one year. Even if you buy every issue for a year, that's only like, twenty, thirty dollars. And once you are married and your thank you notes are sent out, you are no longer a target for MS Weddings magazine (unless you end up remarrying, but let's not be cynical and insinuate that such an outcome is what MS is banking on). What are they going to sell you now? The Blueprint blog? Jerks. I enjoy Blueprint. It was like a Domino with a sense of humor that liked to get drunk sometimes and didn't assume you had a bottomless bank account (and a stick in your... you-know). I finally caved and subscribed to Domino, but it's totally not the same. Dang. And I was all feelin' bad for Martha lately, too, since she lost her mom. Ugh. What a mess. I hate everything.

Excepting, but not limited to:

Alexander Henry. My love knows no bounds.
This cat. Again, love, no bounds, yadda yadda.
These disgustingly yummy treat things. I know they are profoundly wrong, but they require almost nothing on my part, and deliver such a "How could anything this gross be so delicious?" thrill.



binet said...

you know we usually agree on pretty much everything, but i can't stand blueprint. when i got my free subscription, i was thankful that i hadn't paid for it. just sayin'.

KC said...

I am with you. Very sad about scrapping blueprint. I liked it very much. Martha stewart weddings is a nevr read for me. I try to stay away from weddings unless absolutely necessary. I don't really like Martha stewart Living either. Nothing in there is realistic for me. I"m going to cry now.

Lindsay said...

damn i just paid for that stupid subscription. have you heard of real simple. i hear it is a nice substitute.

erin michelle said...

dudes! lindsay, i would email you a reply but i can't get your addy (or your blog even) cos blogger is lame and doesn't give me any way to holler back. i used to subscribe to real simple. i liked some thing about it but when renewal came around, i passed, cos i never used anything out of it! pictures sure was purty though. i am terrified to find out what crap they are going to send us subscribers who still have issues left of BP.

and kim, i totally know how YOU feel about weddings, miss bridesmaid. so yeah. i just hate the scale of the martha stewart wedding, with handmade artisan EVERYTHING and it's just a waste of money. the cakes are pretty amazing but still doesn't make it worth it for us to read. i feel kinna pouty about it. i just think they're really missing the mark on this one.

jenna said...

I used to get Domino, but I'm not wealthy enough to do anything with their ideas. I love after dinner mints.