Thursday, December 20, 2007


Cute overload: Aaron gave me a big red wagon with hardcore tires for my birthday, for hauling stuff around. Like plants and Martha Stewart Everyday at K-Mart purchases and our imaginary children. He listens when I talk (constantly) and I love that about him. Here is the Girl Cat noozling up in said wagon, currently parked in the dining room.

So the quilting is completed and all that is left is stitching the damned bindings down, which I can't bring myself to do any way other than by hand. It's hateful and time consuming and slower than the slowest slow was ever slow, but it's coming together and that feels good. We are scheduled to depart the Quad Cities International Airport in 24 hours. I'm doing laundry and last-minute crafting my face off as furiously as I can. A's bro & his wife gave me Desperate Housewives Season 2, which is helping the previously mentioned horror of hand-stitching for miles along. I got their kiddo this toy for Christmas. It's hilarious. I love it. It's gonna get so annoying so fast, I can hardly wait. I couldn't find a drum kit at Walmart. They probably would have seen right through that anyway. I'll see you guys soon. Everybody have a happy holiday, ya heard? I raise my mimosa to you. Cheers, and happy happy, friends.

P.S. Sweet Juniper is my new favorite blog. Absolutley, Parent Differently. I'm with them.


mushroommeadows said...

hehe that toy is so cute, but hopefully it won't get annoying as you say. :) Merry Christmas to you, too!

knitlit kate said...

i almost thought you were at chix tonite. but then they told me tomorrow night. it's tomorrow night you're coming. then i went out to my car and found a $70 parking ticket. merry effin xmas.

(thanks for the sweet juniper link. it might be my new fave blog too.)

how long will you be in the rocky roc?

Felicia said...

Merry Christmas :)

Amber said...

Hello! I hope your xmas is merry merry! I hear there is crazy weather in Iowa & I hope everything is OK with all y'all. Also, I'm a douche and forgot to give you birthday wishes! It was even on my calander! So, happy belated Bday Wishes, then!

Also: The "Johnny Snowbank" story on Sweet Juniper made me laaaaaugh.