Friday, November 09, 2007


Dudes, I finished something.

A modified version of this bag, from a free pattern by Clover. Follow that link, those projects are so cute you're liable to get a toothache. If anyone can make heads or tails of a Japanese crochet pattern, those Mary Jane slippers have got my number, bad. The bag is made out of about 3/4 of a yard of 54" decorator fabric (which my machine loved sewing through 4 layers of, let me tell ya) off the flat-fold table with a green broadcloth lining. I made it a little bigger, slapped a pocket on the inside, and gave it "real" straps, for my friend at the fabric store's birthday. Which was 3 weeks ago. Detecting a pattern there? :X

On the subject of bags, via not martha, check out this guy getting told to eff straight off : Unclutterer: Is that a purse or an over-night bag?. A unified front presented by humongous bag carriers of the world in the comments! Sorry mister, but if it can't hold a bag lunch, a book, waterbottle, datebook, knitting project, and enough Coke Zero to keep me a step ahead of the kindergarteners, won't find it slung over my shoulder, y'all.

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jenna said...

BAH! Boys are so dumb. I refuse to justify the size of any of my accessories!! "'Cause it's cute" is a good enough reason in itself. Clearly there are some size issues lying beneath the surface, there.