Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Time for a picture post cos my brain is hurtin'.

I went to Michael's. I don't like that store but I like MS Crafts and Wilton and fluffy bird ornaments.

I hand-quilted. My friend came over and we quilted like crazy and all the sudden it was 3am and the quilting is about 2/3 done. How's that for an exciting Saturday night?

I made cupcakes for Bunco and no one ate them.

Knitting the fronts for the baby cardi (I know, no swallows, I'm tired) at the same time is tangly but well-worth it. They'll actually be the same length when they're finished! Miraculous!

So I am actually getting things done, even though this stack here is mis-leadingly providing evidence to the contrary. Fabric heap growing exponentially at a rate greater than I can keep up with. There's two jackets, some pillow cases, Halloween decor (oops, missed that one), a quilt top or two, beginnings of some Chrismukkah stockings, and Lawd knows what else hiding in there. Lotsa Alex H. Trixie tsk-tsks. She clucks, "Simple human, you are much too scatterbrained and spread too thin. Get it together! Now fetch me my kibbles at once."

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Rachael said...

You've been busy! I tagged you on my blog, if you want to play along. We still need to figure out a trade!