Monday, November 05, 2007



I am a little late (and a little I-know-better) for NaBloMoPo, but here I am none the less. This is my 91st post, and I would like to do something special for my 100th, but the way I roll, it could be 2008 by that time. I'll try! Trying to remember to look around, and not just ahead tunnel-vision style. Things are getting away from me. Like returning phone calls, paying the library back the $2 I owe them, cleaning the bathroom, making things. Oh goodness. There are so many fabulous ideas and gifts to make and DMC Color Variations floss and piles of exciting fabric gracing every horizontal surface in my fort, and nothing gets fricking done. Ugh, me.

This is the back of a baby cardi I am knitting for a slightly longlost friend from undergrad who is about to pop. I am biting off the shape of the Tattoo Cardigan from SnB Nation, but knitting at a totally different gauge with lovely machine wash/dry L.B. Cotton Ease. There is no solid plan yet for the chest where they put the swallows/nautical stars/skulls. I am kind of thinking argyle. I love swallows but my gauge is not as fine as the printed pattern. Time to bust out the graph paper! How about a snake around a dagger or a heart with the MOM banner??? Born To Lose?? Spiderwebs?? Anchors? A mermaid? Petunia from Pete & Pete?? Endless intarsia possibilities, my friends. Endless.

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jenna said...

Holy crap I love you for mentioning Pete & Pete. Do you think that show messed us up at all? It was a

Argyle would be adorable.