Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Faves 11.7.07
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Dude I finally figured out the mosaic maker. Good golly, I am rather set in my ways. Birds bling buttons cats cupcakes crochet kindergarten chocqua skulls and a touch of Jesus. See?


rr said...

Hey, how'd you do that?

The Dad

Amber said...

for a minute i though you make the cupcake scarf and i almost punched you because you need something like that to make it fair for the rest of the class.

re: yourprevious post >>I get to knit for a baby that isn't mine too! Thrills. I am trying to do this hat from One Skein on straight needles even though it is s'posed to be on dpns but I tried it THREE TIMES on dpns, which is a record for me, and the math/pattern came out messed up each time and I can't firgure out why. I think maybe if I take some needles out of the mix then maybe I can at least figure out what my problem was.

Anyhow. Love you.