Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I feel kind of like a heel because as of late, "Knit or Die" has been a real misnomer. It's been "Granny Squares or Die" and "Use Proper Caps or Die" and "Eat A Stick Of Butter or Die", all kinds of other NOT-KNITTING stuff. I just have not been knitting much. I don't quite know why. My life has kind of changed a lot recently. Could it be the nine pairs of fingerless gloves have temporarily killed my knitting drive? I started a sock based on Kate Gilbert's sock chart, but once I turned the heel, I got bored. I knit that green pickle pillow in one evening out of some Lion Brand Big I got for 1.75$ at Hancock Fabrics on US17s (I made those big buttons out of Fimo, it was fun). If the non-knitty stuff doesn't interest you then I'm really sorry but here comes another one.

I GOT FORTY VINTAGE ZIPPERS FOR 1.95$ AT THE D.A.V. THRIFT STORE. As we all know, zippers are the devil, but they come in handy once in a while, and I'm probably never buying one ever again because I found 40 of the little bastards for less than two dollars.

This was .50 and it's a slightly bigger version (with a lift-out tray) of the sewing case my mom gave me for my drawing supplies freshman year. That poor case took a beating after four years of hauling charcoal around campus.

I also got a huge bag of really gnarly faux-as-they-come floral bits and a big old bag of lace trims, and a lovely embroidered lacy thingie I want to frame, and a little flower charmie necklace that I don't feel like photographing. It was a really good trip. I never find that much good stuff in one go. The thrifting has been really good here in D-port. The lady in front of me at the checkout (who totally beat me to a full roll of turquoise pompon trim) handed me a 10% off coupon, and I was like, "Oh, uh, thank you" and I felt weird using it because, um, it's a thirft store, it's cheap as hell to begin with, and the money goes to a good cause.... But they give 'em out on their website... I still sorda feel like a dirtball who just robbed the disabled veterans of like 75 cents.

It wasn't easy but I faced my fear of letting someone other than my lovely sister Alex cut my hair. It was sort of scary but the girl had her work cut out for her (that was so not a pun don't even go there), because it was just too long and shapeless. And my bangs were crooked because someone thought it was a smart idea to trim them herself with the good Fiskars, but she was totally wrong. I feel better now. Thanks for asking.

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Mike said...

Oh my god. I know this is an old post, I hope you'll still see this, but I'm pretty sure I was at the DAV Thrift Store in the beginning of February and nearly bought all those zippers! In the QCs, right? I'm from Iowa City.

(Haha, I know it's weird, some stranger reading through your archives, but you have a really awesome journal!)