Monday, February 05, 2007


Aaron and I have a theory. I think I can call it a theory because it started as a hypothesis and I think we've proven it through experiments. Get ready to be blown away, because it is really scientific.

Everything looks cuter in a jar.

Would you look at that big ol' motherlode of candy? Can you even handle this much cute? Do you want SOME MORE?

Are those or are those not the cutest cotton balls and Q-tips you've ever seen? Do you like how that jar still kind of smells like a pickle after I washed it three times? I DO.

So anyways. I think I am getting a cold. It is probably from being exposed to freezing temperatures (and the germy public) while doing register all weekend long. It's fantastic.

Anybody needs me, I'll be right here (not pictured: Mason jar of M&Ms keeping me company).


Davin said...

that spot looks incredibly inviting, you have picked a very good spot to get over your cold!

knitlit kate said...

do not. i repeat do not. put the pickle green pillow in a jar. it is cute as a button just as it is, tossed with that certain je-ne-sais-quois onto your lovely divan.

pixi said...

you get a gold star for your exemplary use of capital letters and proper punctuation in this previous entry. admittedly, it is a little disconcerting; i guess i've grown accustomed to your lowercase, run-on sentences. WE ARE GROWING UP. life is weird. i owe you an email. xo.

Alicia P. said...

Yes, I would say you have proved beyond the shadow of a doubt your theory. And thank you for the insider's view of JoAnn. You know I still love you, girl.