Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Hello and Happy Valentine's Day. I had today off. So what did I do on this romantic holiday? I cleaned the house! Whee. How sensual. So I tried to treat myself special with some nice strawberry-rhubarb jam on potato bread with some soy-milky English Breakfast in my most hilarious mug. Then I made some Nestle Tollhouse because nothin' says lovin' like six dozen of The Tollhouse. You know this.

Le Playroom is coming along into a lovely and productive space. This beast is finally finished. Oh, I speak so harshly of the nice ribbon board, don't I? Well, after finding that the (I thought) safe-side SEVEN YARDS of yellow twill tape I bought was nowhere near enough, I had to make some design decisions. I told myself: Hey, Self, now calm down. Life thinks it's funny to do this to you sometimes, you know, throw you a little curveball, to make you think. Keep you on your toes. Lemonade and what-have-you. And thus the very Sally Shim pocket was added. OH LIFE, you almost had me there. But I win. NEENER NEENER.

When His Hubbiness gets home, we are going to Village Inn for some PANCAKES. Yeah, giiiiirl. No, we're not normal. We know. Hope you are having a lovely day. Go lavish someone (huzz, wife, dog, cat, self, knock yourself out) with affection. XOX.


Amber said...

I have the same s n' b desk calanderrrrr.

jenna said...

Strawberry-rhubarb is maybe my favorite taste sensation on the entire earth. Especially in pie format, but I'd deal with the jam just fine.

Kelly B said...

I have some of those same plates :)