Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I want desperately and feverishly to make one of these lovelies and I vow I will someday. Right now though, it's granny squares for me. I read my stash and this is what happened. I work on this at night on the couch with Aaron and the cats and David Caruso or whatever. On a good evening, I make four squares. On a bad day, I fall asleep after one. While considering color combinations, I ask Aaron, "Which is grosser, this one or this one? Does this one hurt your eyes? Yeah? You like the lime green with the orange? OK, good." At an estimated 70% plastic, this garden will outlive us all. When the world ends, the only thing gonna survive are the acrylic afghans. Y'all have been warned. Rochester certainly got more snow than we did here, but Mississippi River Valley cold is unlike any other cold I've ever experienced. Sure, Buffalo is buried, but Midwest cold makes you wish you were dead as you walk from the car into Target or wherever. The Coldest Cold That Was Ever Cold. Seriously. Another 155 or so granny squares (Shooting for 13x13. I have a weird thing for 13. Probably just don't ask.) and I've have a nice, eyeball-blisteringly ugly blanket to block it out! JOY. But I can't complain, it's a tropical 47 degrees here in the QCA this afternoon.

I will be right here piecing a quilt-top for a baby that's already been borned. Have fun out there.


binet said...

did you not learn anything from the pile of potholders that have been sitting in my living room for 2 years? honestly. ;)

T said...

you cannot imagine how happy i am that someone from Rochester NOW understands what i've been talking about every damn winter. midwestern wind cuts to the bone. enjoy!