Monday, April 03, 2006

FO, y'all!

hello meet marley.

you love it.

this was aggravating in all the pushing the links around the dpns but it was worth it cos i knew in the end it would be hot. my modifications were insignificant but: i used jamieson's soft shetland cos i already had it. one ball, knit on US8s over 24 sts, yielded 37 links and post-felt is about 5.5 feet long. i felted it by hand, because we have a coin-op laundry system over here and i'm frugal like that. it could probly be feltier if it had had it's ass kicked harder but i broke a sweat and decided i was done kneading my scarf. the best part about this project is that people cannot figure out how in lord's name you made it.

here, have a good day. pink frosting always helps.
sprinkles are hot.

p.s. the cake with legs didn't get accepted but the installation did. the world doesn't appear to be ready for cake with legs but at least i am going to dominate the student show.

p.s.&. i am missing the annie modesitt book signing RIGHT NOW because buses are lame and also i have the worst headache of my life and this is literally the fourth time i have tried to post this stupid post. oh my god.

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