Friday, April 28, 2006


i went to the drawing studio and stole a creepy dummy to be my model for the following two FOs.

this is the apron i was talking about a few posts back. it's for the 9-year-old daughter of the sculpture professor in my department. you can see the original apron in my flickr, in the problem with no name album. it has a crocheted scallop halter, smocked bodice, pink floral calico skirt, a little pocket with her name on it, a touch of embroidery, a satin ribbon roses, and grosgrain ties. hopefully it will fit jane better than it fits this dumb mannequin. i put it in her mom's mailbox in the office and i'm kinda embarassed but i hope she likes it and she's not afraid to wear it.

this is the completed gingham checkered hat for sara. it's kinda square (i did some math, it told me to only make 4 dbl dec points as opposed to my usual star-shaped five). i like to think of it as a quirky design detail. lisa and tristan said it looks like a bishop's hat. i hate my friends.

clearly i did not knit this, but i wanted to share. this is a gift for my friend lauren's bridal shower. it's the good thing plate clock from i think the april issue of ms living. lo and her future-huzz just bought a house, with a yellow and brown kitchen. so i found this plate at the antique store (TRES APPROPROS, it's a cake plate). it's autumn leaves and i was scared to death to drill the hole in it but it actually went fine. the clock hands are ripped off a cheap walmart clock (why pay 6 dollars for a clock kit when you can smash one and rip it's face off for 3.75?) and then i spraypainted them brown. ta da, lovely customized crafty shower gift for a dear friend (for under 20 dollars). thank you martha and associates you saved me from the gift registry!!

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