Wednesday, April 19, 2006

there were five in the bed and the little one said, "yarn over, yarn over"....


yes. it is really here. the cake with legs. single crochet with my trusty G hook in assorted shades of sugar 'n cream and some walmart bullshit called peaches and cream. trixie is shown here sniffing her friend. and yes she is being supported by a US7 needle jammed through her ahhh backside and into a chunk of scrap wood i stole from the sculpture shop.

this is a hat-in-progress for one of the instructors here in my department. in some weird utopian i-am-afraid-to-take-people's-money-for-the-stuff-i-make compromise, i make people trade me stuff. i say i will make you this thing if you make me something. i made my friend a green and white checkered hat with a big dumb pompon and earflaps, and he brought me a big silly gift basket full of fruit and barbie paperdolls and a coffee mug that says "WHEN I SAID I DO I DIDN'T THINK I'D HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING" and these creepy plastic cat figurines. so anyways. i am knitting sarah this hat out of my beloved lamb's pride in orange you glad and RPM pink and she is going to make me a drawing. i am making it up as i go along but the gingham checky pattern is stolen from knitting over the edge.

this is the print i was griping about in the post about tricking the printer. i printed the graph paper grid on with an inkjet printer, the pink is a collagraph (where you take a 3-D object, ink it, and run it. so i knitted this chunk of stockinette, made fake needles out of foamcore, glued the whole thing down, gesso'ed it, ran it thru the press to flatten it, and printed the bad mother in PINNNNK. it was hard cos it had to be in reverse so secretly the yarnover is on the left needle on the purl side OMFG i was confused). the black text is screenprinted on top. the edition size is TWENTYFIVE. it's fr an exchange portfolio we're doing with UB's print kids. the theme is VISUAL VOCABULARY so this is how i took it. chart symbols. how boring. but i don't hate it. i don't hate it. lisa and tristan are insisting i call it "so they all yarned over and one fell out" cos i've been singing it all week. you know what i'm talking about! best song ever.

tomorrow: the capelet post and chicks with sticks at javas. have a lovely wednesday. i'm gonna go try to make joann fabrics at southtown realize how bad they want me.


Kelly B said...

Erin, I didn't realize you have a blog! Me too!

Amber said...

I love cake with legs.