Wednesday, April 26, 2006

hello, capelet.

pattern: from family circle easy knitting magazine, by alicia paulson.
yarn: reynolds cabana, 2 balls
start to finish: april 13 - 22 i think but i forget.

can i just say that the photo in the magazine does not do this lovely item justice? why does it look a weird pale dishywater green in the photo when in fact, it's a soft grey? silly magazine. anyways. i used grosgrain rather than satin ribbon cos i am just a grosgrain kind of girl, and a lil dab of elmer's keep the fishtails from fraying. i needed a size K crochet hook and i SPLURGED and treated myself to a delicious brittany crochet hook. god bless boye's $1.99 aluminum hooks you do the lord's work but the brittany hook is LIKE BUTTA. it took the slightest bit of getting used to but it feels super-nice in your hand. well worth the extra five dollars to avoid the weird aluminum hand strain feeling. heart you, brittany hook.

pink and orange hat is done. ballet shoes need to be felted again. i give up on hand-felting. i need to go work on my tracey emin paper. i am scared to death of graduating and i don't really want to talk about it. xo.


Kelly B said...

I loooooooooooooooove it

Bring it tomorrow night so I can fondle it.

jenna said...

Erin, this looks SO cute on you! Bring on the warm weather and sport this bad boy all over Ra-cha-cha, I say!

amberrr said...

you are a yarn genius and I love you.

Alicia P. said...

How cute are YOU! I'm thrilled you are happy with it. Thank you!