Tuesday, April 11, 2006

the computers are conspiring against us, we think.

this generator has allowed me to make many ridiculous I MEAN wonderful things. it is indispensible for intarsia and every knitter should have it in their bookmarks.

but what i want to know is this: why do i have to trick the computer, and tell it my paper is secretly 12 by 17, to get it to print a bleed image on 11 by 15 paper? if i don't lie to it, it doesn't deliver. i feel guilty, but the lie is working, and the desire to throw the EPSON off the roof is passing.

the sculpture professor here has a 9 year old daughter that is apparently quite taken with the apron for viv from my show. she told me she is still talking about it. her mom casts aprons out of bronze. i feel like we all have an apron connection and i was very flattered. the admiration of children is so genuine and sincere. so i started an apron for jane. it has a smocked bodice and a calico skirt with a pocket. i am going to embroider her name on it and it will have a grosgrain ribbon sash and sugar scallops around the edges. i hope it inspires creative craftiness and adventures.

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