Thursday, April 03, 2008

FAVES 04.03.08

FAVES 04.03.08
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Uh-muh-gawd. Hello again. We were out of batteries. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous, with wonderful sunlight. The fort looked alive with possibilities. Aaron found some AAs for me last night, after the sun set. Today, armed with a juiced up camera, it is pouring rain and grey as all git-out. It's just as well. Since we last spoke, I sewed something annoying that doesn't fit, I knit something annoying that doesn't fit, I ponied up 8 bucks in fines to the library so I could use my card again, and I baked a cake that collapsed. So here's a flickr favorites mosaics. Cheers. I'll be back soon with more!


Alison Boon said...

At least there's only one place to go. Up up and up.

Nikki said...


Can I ask you a dumb question? (other than that one, I mean!)

Whats QCA?

erin michelle said...

Nikki dear, QCA is Quad City Area. Which is Davenport / Bettendorf IA & Moline / Rock Island IL. Is where I live. Well, I live in Davenport, but all four towns kind of bleed into each other. Yer in MN, no?

And Alison, thank you for the uplifting thoughts : ) Tomorrow, I embark on some baby bibs for my Secret Pal at school. Her baby is due in August!!!