Saturday, April 19, 2008


My secret pal at school is approximately four months pregnant. It is hard to spoil her because we work in the same classroom and I also am reasonably sure she knows I have her, and despite that, the only things I can figure out that she digs are pretty much Coca-Cola, candy, cats, and her three and a half kids. So I am giving up trying to be sneaky and I am going to give her these bibs on Monday and totally blow my own cover. Because who else at school is a weirdo that sews. Oh, well. They're from Bend The Rules Sewing by the lovely Amy Chicken, who I am not even going to bother linking to because probably if you have ever read a crafty blog in your life, you know who she is and where to find her. The bibs go together very quickly and are very sweet and I think I will make some more for the seemingly-endless number of women I know who are expecting. Seriously. Another reason to make more is because setting snaps is the most satisfying feeling. If I could get a job setting snaps, I would take it. I like when sewing involves hammers.


binet said...

i almost want to have babies, just so you can make them things. almost. those bibs are fabulous!

jenna said...

I sewed something with hammers once. A shower curtain. It was fun. The bibs are beyond darling.