Sunday, April 27, 2008


I guess Friday there was a tornado. It touched down, again, I guess, a few towns over from where I live, and was supposed to hit here. Only it didn't. I was on my way to work. I took the bus because it was raining. I cut through the mall to get to the shopping plaza across the street where JoAnn is (in the Village Shopping Center at 391 W. Kimberly Road, blah blah, I can't remember the phone number). I stopped at Barnes & Noble to buy some Moleskin notebooks and a present for my mom. And I guess like, moments after I headed out into the Dillard's parking lot to cross Northwest Boulevard, the mall went into lock-down for fifteen minutes. But nothing happened. I passed Steve & Barry's and the guy in the window mouths "We're closed" at me, and I'm like, "Great. Ok. I wasn't planning on stopping here anyways, bro. Please call Jo-Ann and tell them to close, but they have to pay me anyways." So it just rained a lot and I stood around for a few hours, helping what few people were determined enough to go out and buy last-minute prom stuff or whatever.

The point of this story was I got my Moleskins and my scanner and you can peep into my sketchbook here. My notebooks have always been a lot more fun than my blog.


Kelly B said...

My parents house in NY was hit by a tornado a few years ago. It destroyed our yard and flattened 2 of our barns (barns, plural) and we were the only place in town that was hit. And every single member of my family happened to be out of the house when it happened. Weird stuff.

I got engaged! I miss you. And Nate and I still have that little note you wrote on our wipe-off board almost 2 years ago.

jenna said...

I already peeped, yo. You are the cutest journalist ever.

pixi said...

vegan cupcakes.
brooklyn vs. boston.
who are you, me?

knitlit kate said...

that is a brilliant idea to create a blog out of your sketchbooks. i love the format and feel of that. hope you are well...and what is this about kelly being engaged??