Sunday, March 09, 2008


Dude, I just saw a rad Pac-Man baby quilt on craftster, and it has opened up a world of heady patchwork ideas in my brain. Consider the geeky possibilities! This picture is a screenshot I Google-Image'd of Yar's Revenge (Aaron knows what it is, I don't-- A. I was about a decade late for Atari, and B. I'm only here for the quilting)-- that field of colors and stripes would be totally easy to strip-piece! Time to start hoarding cotton solids! Cos that is what I need to do, is start another fabric stash. Because I have room for that, and no other projects in the queue OH MY GOD, TETRIS QUILT. Dude! Have another cup of coffee and talk to yourself on your blog some more, Erin!! Yeah ok.

P.S. Fierce.


krazybarrister said...

how's about q-bert?!

binet said...

i had an atari (still do, somewhere)- you can make one for me. ;)

q-bert would make an awesome quilt.

Nikki said...

come on now! am I the only one the thinks a Frogger or Pong quilt would kick ass!?

Nikki said...

Never heard of Brickles...

My email is nikkilee911

on yahoo.

Ya know what else would be awesome? An Oregon Trail Quilt!!!! LMAO!!!!!!

Sincerely, Nikki, QUeen of Dorkness. :D