Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I love these picture frames, because they are the anti-frame. Not really a huge fan of the traditional frame. Much prefer to "float" the piece. Was criticized for doing so at my BFA show (frames make things look "finished", floating looks like you just are too cheap to frame). I think often times that framing closes the image off too much, isolates it from the rest of the space. And I know that this may come as a shock, but sometimes I actually do believe in spare, minimal. Totally not in keeping with the 99 percent of my aesthetic that's informed by the simple truth that I am my own tacky Italian grandmother. Click 'em for notes.
Anyway, I love these, I want more, they snap together so I can change the display easily if/when I get tired of it. Pier 1! On sale, $4 each for the 11"x14". Love love love them. Can't say it enough. Squeeee.

Also, are y'all familiar with Create For Less? Their prices are fantastic (wooden embroidery hoops for the bird lamp and the swatch portraits, and more floral birds than you can shake a stick at, oh my!!!); it's the dang shipping that's holding me back (I don't hate on the USPS, I love them deeply and accept that shipping is one of the few certainties in life, but if it costs 8 dollars just to get it here... I might as well trek over to Jo-Ann and pay retail minus team-member discount.) Probably what I will do is fill a shopping cart, dump it, fill it again, dump it, fill it again, say TO HELL WITH IT!, order it, and then get a free shipping code in the e-mail the next day. Happened with fred flare. True story. Ah, phooey. Whuttayado??

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jenna said...

Stop it with the Cute already!

I can't keep up with your blogging madness. You blog machine, you.