Thursday, March 29, 2007


Act I:

Scene: Lowes, 53rd & Elmore. Erin and Aaron shopping for paint. (The siding needs to be painted rather desperately and it's finally Spring. Other bedroom needs to be spiffed up soon as A's moms will be here next month. All I am going to say is: Ack.) A is looking at a nice latte color for the bedroom, a pale blue for the house exterior, and red enamel for the front door. He holds a very conservative stack of color chips in his hand. E is over at the new Martha Stewart colors. Her take resembles a deck of cards.

Aaron: "Jeez, peanut, how many are you going to take?"

Erin: "Oh my god, I'm like Lowe's worst nightmare. Ohhhhhhh! Peanut, look, this one is called JORDAN ALMOND! Eeeeeeee MINT GELATO. Oh my god. Oh my god. Yeah, we should prob'ly go. Okay."

E and A walk away into the sunset. Fade to black.


::shrug::: Hey, if you don't want me making off like a bandit with all your paint swatches, Martha Stewart, probably you shouldn't have come out with a new paint line with colors like "Pencil Eraser", or "Embossed Stationary". Or "Trousseau", or "Cuckoo Clock", or "Porcelain Doorknob." Or "Sewing Basket". Or "Fondant". Or "Dungarees". Or "Birdhouse". Or "Vintage Map". Probably that was a bad idea on your part, lady. Paint chips are free for the taking, and there's no shame in my game.

I'm looking at painting my kitchen "Newsprint" from her line or "Tea Stain" from the Valspar line. Pale greys.

Here is a tute for a cutie paint sample wallet over at flickr. It's a lot of fun, but it wouldn't work with the teensy MS ones. Not that I care. I'm content to just shuffle though these and squeal once in a while.

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jenna said...

Damn it, Martha. "Cuckoo Clock"?!
You're killing me. I don't even know what color it resembles and I WANT it.