Wednesday, March 07, 2007


As per the delightful Kelly Brown, I took pictures of TV. Elisabeth (I think I disagree with Elisabeth on basically every single issue there is to take a side on, but there is no doubt in my mind that she is a nice girl and that we could be friends despite being political polar opposites) was wearing the most cutest top the other day on The View. It occured to me rather late in the program that taking a picture of the TV was an option, so I didn't get a shot of the back, but it has a nice little white belt at the waist that ties in a bow at the back. I think this would be a fun fun little knit, a tasteful way to do some intarsia (for the vertical stripes). Now, does anybody know if it is possible to knit a Peter Pan collar? OH SHOOT, I'll figure something out.

In other crafty news, the Use What You Have afghan g-square count has reached: 34 completely completed, and 13 in need of black rounds, but the GINORMOUS ball of black nast acrylic from 4 years ago when I didn't know better that was just taking up space in the stash has run dry and now I actually have to suck it up and buy more. Unbelievable, people. We'll see what happens. I don't really have a goal here except Use It All Up Get It Out Of My Fort And Doin' Somethin'. I really don't know where in my home this thing will live but I could see it growing to queen sized and looking gross in my NEVER GOING TO BE COMPLETED MASTER BEDROOM. But that's neither here nor there. If crocheted insanity is your thing (don't start, it's addictive), here's the new granny square flickr group and the No-End-In-Sight Ripple-along.

Also: I found a really fabulous, bursting-at-the-seams and yet impossibly neat-as-a-pin (enough cliches for one sentance, no?) SCRAPBOOKING SHOP in my neighborhood yesterday (again, Kelly, it's on the corner of Rusholme and Nate's gramma's street). I don't scrapbook, but I make Stuff and I'm a sucker for paper and stickers, etc. So I'm glad it's there. There's also a fantastic natural foods store in walking distance and I wandered around there for entirely too long yesterday as well. I like it here. I wish it wasn't so far from, like, everyone I ever met in my life, but I really do like it here.

AND ANOTHER THING. I am really annoyed with domino magazine's latest issue. It's the "GREEN" issue, and while a.) I am all for Green Living and I try to do what I can, and b.) I normally love domino in like, a really intense, drooly way, I find this issue of the mag to be wicked hoity toity- yeah, I just said hoity toity - and kind of self-rightous. On the one hand, great, thank you for telling me which paints are low-VOC, I can use that information, and yes, right on with the low-energy lightbulbs, but then don't tell me I can be nice to the environment by using like 56 dollar shampoo and laundry detergent and salvaged woodflooring that's like 200 dollars a square foot. When it's THAT inaccessible, it doesn't do anybody any good. I realized a long time ago the magazines are there to show you what looks cool and what is in style, and it's your job to (if you so choose) find ways to mimic that FOOOORRR LESSSSS. But this shit is just bananas. And domino? Don't try to talk up organic meat, because eating meat is totally not green. So don't even PLAY. I'll show you self-rightous. I'm a vegetarianan and we own self-rightous!!

Last asides, I promise.

Eunny is alive and I want the pattern for the sideways cable hat because that is hot.

I start my new job with D-port Community Schools on the 19th.

SALLY, I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE. I am (tentatively) going to craft a rip-off bird lamp. I'm going to need a lot of floral birds. I might need to make a Rochester friend go to Craft Service on University and scoop me up some vintage milinery birds. The whole thing reminds me of Alicia's cagelets. I'm picturing large embroidery hoops for the circular bits at the top and bottom of the cage. Sigh. Another undertaking. I'm gonna go see what Elisabeth is wearing today. xoxox.


pixi said...

you do realize, of course, that you have moved from a s-port to a b-port to a d-port.

viva la vegolution.


jenna said...

1. Thanks for telling me Eunny is back
2. Domino is almost always hoity-toity! And I do love it anyway.
3. I cannot WAIT to see the bird lamp. Let me know if you need me to hunt down some birds.
4. Shouldn't you sew that cute little top instead of knit it?