Sunday, April 27, 2008


I guess Friday there was a tornado. It touched down, again, I guess, a few towns over from where I live, and was supposed to hit here. Only it didn't. I was on my way to work. I took the bus because it was raining. I cut through the mall to get to the shopping plaza across the street where JoAnn is (in the Village Shopping Center at 391 W. Kimberly Road, blah blah, I can't remember the phone number). I stopped at Barnes & Noble to buy some Moleskin notebooks and a present for my mom. And I guess like, moments after I headed out into the Dillard's parking lot to cross Northwest Boulevard, the mall went into lock-down for fifteen minutes. But nothing happened. I passed Steve & Barry's and the guy in the window mouths "We're closed" at me, and I'm like, "Great. Ok. I wasn't planning on stopping here anyways, bro. Please call Jo-Ann and tell them to close, but they have to pay me anyways." So it just rained a lot and I stood around for a few hours, helping what few people were determined enough to go out and buy last-minute prom stuff or whatever.

The point of this story was I got my Moleskins and my scanner and you can peep into my sketchbook here. My notebooks have always been a lot more fun than my blog.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


My secret pal at school is approximately four months pregnant. It is hard to spoil her because we work in the same classroom and I also am reasonably sure she knows I have her, and despite that, the only things I can figure out that she digs are pretty much Coca-Cola, candy, cats, and her three and a half kids. So I am giving up trying to be sneaky and I am going to give her these bibs on Monday and totally blow my own cover. Because who else at school is a weirdo that sews. Oh, well. They're from Bend The Rules Sewing by the lovely Amy Chicken, who I am not even going to bother linking to because probably if you have ever read a crafty blog in your life, you know who she is and where to find her. The bibs go together very quickly and are very sweet and I think I will make some more for the seemingly-endless number of women I know who are expecting. Seriously. Another reason to make more is because setting snaps is the most satisfying feeling. If I could get a job setting snaps, I would take it. I like when sewing involves hammers.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

FAVES 04.03.08

FAVES 04.03.08
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Uh-muh-gawd. Hello again. We were out of batteries. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous, with wonderful sunlight. The fort looked alive with possibilities. Aaron found some AAs for me last night, after the sun set. Today, armed with a juiced up camera, it is pouring rain and grey as all git-out. It's just as well. Since we last spoke, I sewed something annoying that doesn't fit, I knit something annoying that doesn't fit, I ponied up 8 bucks in fines to the library so I could use my card again, and I baked a cake that collapsed. So here's a flickr favorites mosaics. Cheers. I'll be back soon with more!