Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Not that this blog is ever on-topic (knitting, what?), but this is going around and I wanted to play, too. So who do people tell you you look like? Post it.

In like, ninth grade, I got compared to Madonna a few times. Has to be the eyebrows. Lucky Star Madge is still my favorite. If in thirty years I look half as good as she does, I will be a happy girl. With some serious eyebrows. Mental note: must start doing intense yoga immediately. And possibly making films that completely tank. But I don't think that is her secret to looking amazing at 50.

My mom told me I look like Selma once. I don't know. She's cute. Someone (stupid) told me Naomi Watts once too, but I did a search and I really don't think so, so I left her off. Not even as Jet Girl.

My sister thinks I look like Amanda Peet. Kinda. I do not entirely disagree. She's cute.

Of course, I strive for Audrey. Hearing that makes my heart flutter. I should be so lucky. Mostly when my hair is colored darker, and long enough to be swept up, but still my nose is too big (see Madge, above). It's definitely not in the ever-so graceful way I carry myself. In slip-on sneakers, baggy khakis, chasing after kindergarteners squawking about making Green Choices and using Line Basics and Walking Feet, muttering about how I hate pancake and French toast breakfasts in the school cafeteria. Five year olds + imitation maple syrup + "MISS ERIN CAN I HAVE A HIGH-FIVE!?"= not very posh. I am a sucker for those durn kids and I got the chocolate milk stains and crusty icing on my sleeves to prove it. Education is not very glam, but that is okay.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Four day weekend.

Homemade pancakes (from How to Be a Domestic Goddess).

Thrifting (I love these weirdos, more fun finds in my flickr).

Making (Puzzle Ball from Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts, extremely fiddly, but cute, "Congratulations you're pregnant!" gift for a friend).

Today we're going to Target and I am going to bake up a storm. It'll be 6am Tuesday way too soon....

Friday, January 18, 2008


Well, I finally finished this dear little sweater (more info over at Ravelry), but for Thee Very Life Of Me, cannot get Ravelry to let me add a photo. Am I missing something, Ravelers? Basically, I ripped the shape for this sweater off from SnB Nation and I like the Cotton-Ease a lot. I did not like sewing all those little snaps on and I am interested in adapting this pattern to be knit in the round. I want to make it in red with blue trim, and dots. So Ta-Da. This is heading off to Buffalo NY for little Ethan ASAP.

Oh my god. Kate Spade @ Bed Bath and Beyond. Frightfully expensive, and I love EVERYTHING :::::swoons:::::::. Speaking of babies, page five has some darling baby dish sets, for like, $75.  Seriously!?!!

Today is an In-Service Day, which means no school for me, so I'm gonna go watch Martha for as long as I can stand to (I rarely make it through the whole hour) and then I think I might brave the frizzing-arse-cold to avoid stir-craziness. Wish me luck. Peace.

P.S. Oh man, Martha's about weddings today. I already had one of those. Plus I hate crazy over-the-top $100k wedding crap (this whole post makes me sound like the cheapest cheapskate on the whole planet). Borinnnggg. Damn it. 

Thursday, January 10, 2008



I have been having candy troubles, friends.

It has become all too clear that I am no Alexis Stewart, candy maker-ess and reluctant heir to the throne. Back up: Ok. On New Year's Eve, I called my dad and he thought it was weird but I asked him to scan and email me a page from my mom's Betty Crocker Cookbook with a recipe for Penuche, the most wonderful food on earth. I made those lovely treat bags with penuche and peppermint hard candy that looks remarkably like broken glass for the W900 family. I wasn't thrilled with the penuche texture. It was kinda crumbly. So I made a second batch New Year's Day. Same thing. I made TWO BATCHES yesterday: first, the crumbliest yet, and second, a GRAINY, yet fairly solid, confection of mass LAMENESS. I'm hesitant to try again, because I have the recipe committed to memory, and I'm concerned I am getting sloppy because I am angry. But dang. Four failures in ten days. Not cool. Not freaking cool.

In other news, I got a yard of this for $3.50, for one of the three sanctioned projects outlined in my Epic List, and it's just perfect.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Posting some quilt porn from Christmas to distract you from the fact that I am probably crazy and there is no such date as Monday January 8. Um and since my "contest" received a whopping six entrants, you are all getting something. Cheers. Happy Tuesday, readers. By the weekend, I will have pictures of FINISHED baby present. There, I just set a goal. Nevermind it seems like every day I find out someone else is having a kid, and that the baby that this present is for is probably too damn big for his sweater by now. Nevermind all that.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Um, oh my dear lord. As my friend, you have to promise you will stop me if I get any crazy ideas about starting new projects in 2008 until the 32 items on this list are completed. Thirty-two projects that I already have most of the necessary parts for, scattered around the fort. Which does not even touch on the home improvements that dear huzz and I would like to tackle this year (hellooooo hideous kitchen and bath). Or even for that matter, projects involving yarn (I counted the granny squares last night. 113. So about 55 to go, and we're in business.) No, this list is just fabric. So in 2008, I am only allowed to buy, like, thread, and buttons, and interfacing, maybe a zipper or two, possibly batting, possibly elastic, Vecchio-purple calico for Bella, blue calico for Christopher, red and blue calico for a quilt I have made up in my head, and ummmm. Yeah. That's it. Nothing else. I was out of control, and now I am cut off.