Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Not that this blog is ever on-topic (knitting, what?), but this is going around and I wanted to play, too. So who do people tell you you look like? Post it.

In like, ninth grade, I got compared to Madonna a few times. Has to be the eyebrows. Lucky Star Madge is still my favorite. If in thirty years I look half as good as she does, I will be a happy girl. With some serious eyebrows. Mental note: must start doing intense yoga immediately. And possibly making films that completely tank. But I don't think that is her secret to looking amazing at 50.

My mom told me I look like Selma once. I don't know. She's cute. Someone (stupid) told me Naomi Watts once too, but I did a search and I really don't think so, so I left her off. Not even as Jet Girl.

My sister thinks I look like Amanda Peet. Kinda. I do not entirely disagree. She's cute.

Of course, I strive for Audrey. Hearing that makes my heart flutter. I should be so lucky. Mostly when my hair is colored darker, and long enough to be swept up, but still my nose is too big (see Madge, above). It's definitely not in the ever-so graceful way I carry myself. In slip-on sneakers, baggy khakis, chasing after kindergarteners squawking about making Green Choices and using Line Basics and Walking Feet, muttering about how I hate pancake and French toast breakfasts in the school cafeteria. Five year olds + imitation maple syrup + "MISS ERIN CAN I HAVE A HIGH-FIVE!?"= not very posh. I am a sucker for those durn kids and I got the chocolate milk stains and crusty icing on my sleeves to prove it. Education is not very glam, but that is okay.


Chicago Sarah said...

Yay for us non-glam workers! :) We make the world turn smoother.

jenna said...

What about Sarah Bareilles? I could agree with Amanda Peet, too. I don't look like anyone.