Thursday, January 10, 2008



I have been having candy troubles, friends.

It has become all too clear that I am no Alexis Stewart, candy maker-ess and reluctant heir to the throne. Back up: Ok. On New Year's Eve, I called my dad and he thought it was weird but I asked him to scan and email me a page from my mom's Betty Crocker Cookbook with a recipe for Penuche, the most wonderful food on earth. I made those lovely treat bags with penuche and peppermint hard candy that looks remarkably like broken glass for the W900 family. I wasn't thrilled with the penuche texture. It was kinda crumbly. So I made a second batch New Year's Day. Same thing. I made TWO BATCHES yesterday: first, the crumbliest yet, and second, a GRAINY, yet fairly solid, confection of mass LAMENESS. I'm hesitant to try again, because I have the recipe committed to memory, and I'm concerned I am getting sloppy because I am angry. But dang. Four failures in ten days. Not cool. Not freaking cool.

In other news, I got a yard of this for $3.50, for one of the three sanctioned projects outlined in my Epic List, and it's just perfect.

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knitlit kate said...

you crack me up. no seriously. what is the epic project...and how does the criminal justice system fit into it? did you come back to ROC for xmas at all? miss ya hon doll.