Friday, January 18, 2008


Well, I finally finished this dear little sweater (more info over at Ravelry), but for Thee Very Life Of Me, cannot get Ravelry to let me add a photo. Am I missing something, Ravelers? Basically, I ripped the shape for this sweater off from SnB Nation and I like the Cotton-Ease a lot. I did not like sewing all those little snaps on and I am interested in adapting this pattern to be knit in the round. I want to make it in red with blue trim, and dots. So Ta-Da. This is heading off to Buffalo NY for little Ethan ASAP.

Oh my god. Kate Spade @ Bed Bath and Beyond. Frightfully expensive, and I love EVERYTHING :::::swoons:::::::. Speaking of babies, page five has some darling baby dish sets, for like, $75.  Seriously!?!!

Today is an In-Service Day, which means no school for me, so I'm gonna go watch Martha for as long as I can stand to (I rarely make it through the whole hour) and then I think I might brave the frizzing-arse-cold to avoid stir-craziness. Wish me luck. Peace.

P.S. Oh man, Martha's about weddings today. I already had one of those. Plus I hate crazy over-the-top $100k wedding crap (this whole post makes me sound like the cheapest cheapskate on the whole planet). Borinnnggg. Damn it. 

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