Friday, March 31, 2006

penny lane.

today there is gonna be a showdown between me and the belt sander. oh dang. and if adobe illustrator isn't careful it might be in for it too. i am serious.

i am head over heels mad for any and all things posy. these aprons are killing me i have never seen anything so adorable in my entire life. no one takes better photos or has a sweeter blog.

my sister's boyfriend is opening a shop on monroe avenue on saturday and he's offered to sell made-by-erin stuff. but i haven't had enough time to make anything!! how awful!! the other thing is that he is all about the teva durham ballet t-shirt i knit for my sister for her birthday and no one else seems to understand copyright law and how exceedingly illegal it would be for me to knit that shirt and then sell it!!! i would never do that to teva she is my favorite knitwear designer if i wrote her a letter it would be embarassingly gushy. so hopefully i can get something together soon for him so there will be stuff for the ladies at g inc.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

real gold?

blogger just ate my post.

i think this is the first time in the past year at school where i have been making more STUFF than knitting. i have two prints underway and a book going, and the cake with legs is in finishing touches phase, and i haven't been knitting hardly at all. i ripped out the one and a half inches i had knitted around my ipod headphones cord cos it has that dumb gappyladder thing. the earmuffs still annoy me. it's been too nice to knit earmuffs. marley is done and felted and lovely. i am designing a sweater that looks like a teacup in my head. i have fallen in love with FRIDA. i never saw it before and it makes me want to surround myself with deep deep yummy red. mexican culture has color. color is missing from american life, i kind of think.

so i made FUNFETTI cupcakes. ta da yay for color!

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this bad mother is gettin entered in the student show. i am gonna hog the whole room. woo!

Friday, March 17, 2006

happy st. patricks day!

spring break 06 has not exactly made history but here are the highlights:

1. riding all over creation in the back of a minivan while sitting on a brand new bag of kitty litter.
2. doing hours of painful and boring research on a crappy PC in the SUNY student resource center (read: basement) of the rochester public library.
3. drawing and inking the most ridiculous picture book ever (stay tuned).
4. greezy brunch at my favorite diner with three of my favorite friends.
5. four boring, COLD hours of gallery sitting at the local alternative gallery space.
6. chicks with sticks woo.
7. martha martha martha martha.
8. going to the yarn store and NOT BUYING ANYTHING... only to go back two days later and spend a very very small wad. i have willpower. yeah. and a ballof rowan lurex shimmer and a giant ball of yellow merino batting.

in k'ing news; my baby socks got holes in the heelcup (read: i f'ed up), i hate the froot loops scarf, my thrummed earmuffs are grossing me out with their suckiness, and my marley is getting really long!

Friday, March 10, 2006

and go.

the real question is: caps or no caps? um. probly gonna have to go with no caps. so you can tell when i am Being A Smart-Ass.