Wednesday, March 29, 2006

real gold?

blogger just ate my post.

i think this is the first time in the past year at school where i have been making more STUFF than knitting. i have two prints underway and a book going, and the cake with legs is in finishing touches phase, and i haven't been knitting hardly at all. i ripped out the one and a half inches i had knitted around my ipod headphones cord cos it has that dumb gappyladder thing. the earmuffs still annoy me. it's been too nice to knit earmuffs. marley is done and felted and lovely. i am designing a sweater that looks like a teacup in my head. i have fallen in love with FRIDA. i never saw it before and it makes me want to surround myself with deep deep yummy red. mexican culture has color. color is missing from american life, i kind of think.

so i made FUNFETTI cupcakes. ta da yay for color!

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this bad mother is gettin entered in the student show. i am gonna hog the whole room. woo!

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