Friday, March 17, 2006

happy st. patricks day!

spring break 06 has not exactly made history but here are the highlights:

1. riding all over creation in the back of a minivan while sitting on a brand new bag of kitty litter.
2. doing hours of painful and boring research on a crappy PC in the SUNY student resource center (read: basement) of the rochester public library.
3. drawing and inking the most ridiculous picture book ever (stay tuned).
4. greezy brunch at my favorite diner with three of my favorite friends.
5. four boring, COLD hours of gallery sitting at the local alternative gallery space.
6. chicks with sticks woo.
7. martha martha martha martha.
8. going to the yarn store and NOT BUYING ANYTHING... only to go back two days later and spend a very very small wad. i have willpower. yeah. and a ballof rowan lurex shimmer and a giant ball of yellow merino batting.

in k'ing news; my baby socks got holes in the heelcup (read: i f'ed up), i hate the froot loops scarf, my thrummed earmuffs are grossing me out with their suckiness, and my marley is getting really long!

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