Friday, October 06, 2006

speak slow.

did you guys think i was dead? no!!! it's been a week of drunkdialing and mischief, but mostly i've just been up to my neck in wilton method class buttercream. no joke.

this is cake #1. very ugly and also delicious. a fine mess indeed.

THIS IS CAKE #3! i made some cute cupcakes in between but i let the girls at the store eat them so they were not photographed. us joann girls love us some baked goods it seems. but cake 3 looks nice and i don't mind saying so!!! i am awesome. however. it's been a week and the thing is still untouched. i have to throw it away before it gets up and walks out to look for a job or soemthing. so. in conclusion: don't try to make stiff consistency buttercream with a hand-me-down handmixer because you will feel bad for making a small appliance groan so. and also, don't make anything chocolate so beautiful that it pains you to bring a knife to it to feed your friends and dear husband. it's a waste of devil's food. good times. but i'm glad i get to go back to knit club.


is she gone? ok.

poor lisa's 22nd birthday was july 20th, and her worthless friend erin (THAT'S ME) is so worthless she just this week made her a present to commemorate her birthday and new townhouse. so this is the pillowcase apron. i can't believe how well it worked out.

and this is a recipe card box for my pookie's new kitchen. i got the box from the unfinished wood section at my store and i painted it and glued some stuff to it and filled it with a few recipes (the cheese crisp recipe she requested, my favorite brownies and some cocktails) and a stack of colorful 3x5 cards. i miss lisa so much. she moved two hours away so i must box it and mail it off to her. i am such a bad friend.

what a blabberpost. anyways last thing.

the girl on the cover of the latest urban outfitters catolog is wearing some cute, cabled fingerless gloves. they are selling for like 16 dollars and they are wool and ACRYLIC, PEOPLE. gross! so erin here, she says "eff that", gets herself a skein of cash irona from village yarns, who BTW are severing all ties with knitting fever international and selling off the debbie bliss and noro for like, dirt cheap, and also a 32" circ, finally figures out the magic that has earned it the name magic loop, faked some cables, and five days later bam i rule urban outfitters sucks. my lovely sister cut my hair and every single lady at her salon asked me what i was making and was all AWWW WHAT A GOOD IDEA THOSE ARE CUTE. plan: i'm gonna knit 38472 pairs and sell em and make my first million.

they keep yr hands cozy and yet you can still find your keys and send text messages while you wear them. magic.

speaking of my haircut, i can't believe how when alex styled it, it was adorable, and when i try to do it, it look like a messed up cross between tegan and sara's haircuts. save me from myself.


Anonymous said...

very cute fingerless gloves indeed!

amber said...

Those look great. I have been wanting to try some for awhile, but just got as far as the cheats, which are falling apart because my finishing job sucked. I checked the website there & UO is already out of the gloves or something. Sheesh.

When I got all my hair chopped off, I was working on the mittens for the babysister, and nobody cared. They were all just pissed that I didn't leap up the second my name was called because I had to shove a mess of yarn and needles into my bag. God, SuperCuts, why you gotta hate?

Lovely cakes, also.

jenna said...

Cake #3 better go out and make his way in the world.

LUV those fingerless gloves!!

nichole said...

erinnnnnnnn.....I fooouuunnd you! (muahaha) Your cakes are pretty, but I'm glad you're coming back to us.

kate said...

that cake just made my mouth water. i love buttercream in a way that's just bordering on the obscene. also, those wristlets or f-less gloves or whatev the heck they are called are so cute.