Wednesday, September 20, 2006


hi. i'm at the library. i have ten minutes NO NINE to write this and hopefully upload it. sorry nothing pretty or even visually interesting at that, unless yr a text fiend. then eat up.

the wilton company, producer of cake dec supplies and other such fancies, is kind of a monster. but my class is kind of fun and i've been up to my eyeballs in buttercream for the past two weeks. it's fun, albiet nauseatingly expensive.

um. i have finished piecing two baby quilt blocks. i still kind of shudder at the sight of the bag the bits live in. eeagahgfa.

i will not be receiving my big underpants-design premiere via SNBIII. i'm disapointed but understanding. the world is not ready for the secret underpants? maybe i'm just not ready to fully exploit the opportunity yet. i'm goin to go look for a book on small business starting and lament. i still feel like i have no idea what i am doing with my life and i don't think i'm in any position for anything remotely big to happen yet. things fall in place when they are supposed to and mine aren't there yet, i know, i know. i know.

this seriously happened.
scene: home dec counter last weekend.

me: hi can i help you?
him: yes i'm looking for some youthful idealism, do you have any?
me: ha, oh yes,in spades.


jane said...

perhaps knitty would like to showcase those secret underpants?

Kelly B said...

NO SECRET UNDERPANTS?!?!?!??!?!? Death to Stitch n Bitch!!!

But seriously girl, you keep submitting those panties to different places. They're a great idea and a great design, and the WORLD NEEDS SECRET UNDERPANTS. Boo.

Want a partner in your small business? I don't know what I'm doing yet either :( But I want to be happy and somehow make money too. Oh, to be young.

jenna said...

Ah, youthful idealism...the blessing and the curse of the Secret Underpants!

Amber Noreen said...

I am dying to see the Secret Underpants. DYING I say.

kate said... must divulge...what is it with the secret underpants??