Tuesday, September 05, 2006


pattern: yoke vest, by teva durham, from loop-d-loop.
yarn: big kuryeon by noro, 1.5 skeins.
needle: bryspun 24" US11
mods: yarn sub, paper clips as stitch markers. i don't reccomend.

i knit this "nod to fashion history" on the road. i used the big kuryeon because i can't find filtes king van dyck an.ywh.ere. it was half price at village yarns anyways and i can't resist noro even though i am begining to think i love it more when it's in a pretty ball than when it's knitted up. the guage was dead on. i don't know how i feel about the stripes. or the rolled hem. scene: at starry nights with binet, when she notices how rolly the hem is. i'm like, "umm rolled hems are a design feature. kind of". she looks at the photo in the book, where the model is standing there, looking as demure as possible in the vest and opera gloves, arms crossed at the elbow, reaching down, in a "I'M SO SWEET" pose, and she says "LOOK SHE'S HOLDING IT DOWN SO IT DOESN'T ROLL!!!". i thought only vogue knitting pulled that kind of scam. so anyways. it's knit. i still haven't finished the back of the secret underpants v2.0 (STILL NOTHING) and i've barely touched the baby quilt in ages (due date: october 20).

but there is good news!

my secret pal is a dear and sent me all this great stuff! there was chocolate too but honey you know that didn't last long enough to be in the picture. and those treats have turned the already insane cats into total crackheads. thank you so much, laurie, you are the best secret pal ever. i bet i knit fifteen ballband dishcloths before i finish that quilt or you tackle your serger. big love, pointy.


Laurie (Moo!) said...

You're probably right, about the dishcloth vs. the serger.

However, it does make a great doorstop!

Glad you enjoyed your goodies. Didn't take long to wind that yarn, did it?

jenna said...

The sweater looks cute, rolled hem or not! Hey, at least you actually knit patterns from your books! That's more than I can say...

Kim said...

Your vest is adorable! I love how it looks in Big Kureyon.

If the rolled edge bothers you too much, just pick up stitches from behind your cast on stitches and knit an in or so in stockinette. Whipstitch into place and you have a lovely, professional looking hem. It doesn't even have to be the same yarn.