Wednesday, October 11, 2006


we've been able to sponge bandwidth off someone, somewhere, for the past few days. as unexpectedly and elusively as the innernets appear, SO DO THEY STOP DISAPEAR. enjoying it while it lasts. so hi, friends, it is me, and i'm in my sweatpants and barefoot. tres lux, as compared to going out in public.

hey did you know brooke shield's first baby (tom "i know everything about post-partum depression i'm a scientologist" cruise, remember?) is named ROWAN??? pshaw! totally true access hollywood says so.

ok, so do me a favor? go to and tell me if you think i should get some business cards from them. i made a girl that i think looks like me, dressed her in a pink jacket with ballet flats and put a cupcake in her hand. my spendy muscles are, like, twitching in anticipation but i don't know. should i come up with something on my own? and i'm sorry if you go there and become addicted to personalized cutie stationary and other printed matter. i'm really sorry.

today at work i popped advils and helped a mother and daughter figure out some drapes for the daughter's bedroom. and it turns out that the daughter and i both graduated from brockport this spring! her degree is in dance, which is about as useful as my studio art degree. she's living at home with her parents now and she's not feeling very good about herself. kinda lost and kinda scared and kinda sad. i feel like we need to get together for a disapointed SUNY brockport graduates support group. except no, cos she's thinking about going to school for nursing, and i've been knitting like a mofo. fingerless gloves or bust, so help me god. something good is going to happen if it kills me. i think i threw out my back hunching over (hence the advils), but that's nothin! do these people know who i am? no way. i'm on fire, ladies.

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jenna said...

You HAVE to use your own artwork, you weiner! Use one of your domestic lady prints or a photo of one of your cupcakes or something. Ooh---Or make a self-portrait print!!