Tuesday, August 15, 2006


my brother-in-law and his darling wife are having a little girl, due on halloween. i am going to be an aunt. imagine the trouble the poor dear will have when she realizes her only aunt and uncle (my BIL's only sibling is my DH and katy is an only child) are called by the same name. oh jeez. so anyways i have embarked upon my First Ever Quilt, to commemorate the child's birth. i wanted to do hexagons, but quickly realized this was a terrible idea. so i am doing squares. little 1 and 1/4 inch squares.

list of reasons this is a bad m-f-in' idea:
1. to compose a 36ishy inch square baby blanket is going to require a dizzying 784 of these dainty squares.

2. that means that i cut out 784 little paper squares and am now in the process of basting the calico to them.

3. the next step is acutally piecing the thing, so whipstitching 784 squares together and then removing the previously mentioned basting stitches and discarding the 784 paper squares.

3. a guest i was cutting stuff for and discussing quilting with (90 PERCENT OF THE SHOPPERS AT THE STORE QUILT) asked me why in the hell i was piecing it by this stupid stupid method and why wasn't i strip-piecing it (she was much more polite than that, i just am feeling like a boner at this point for not seeing that this would have been a Good Idea and i didn't think of it). this exchange happens the day after i have shredded my fabric into little 1.5 inch squares aka Point of No Return.

4. upon hearing the story, aaron says "ok then start over if it's going to be a pain, and do it the other way". i think i made a face at this point and said NO. i'm too stubborn and resolute in my silly ways and also too cheap to start over.

so maybe it'll be done when she starts kindergarten. kids still like blankies when they are five, right? or does that make them wussies?

cos i've been working on this thing almost a week now. i have a hole in my finger from handstitching without my thimble (i swear when i wear the thinble i find a new way to sew so i'm not PUSHING with the thimbled finger, thus purpose = defeated), and 692 left squares to baste. oh kill me now.


krazybarrister said...

oh my. that's so not funny, yet absolutely hysterical at the same time. i feel your pain, but thanks for the laugh (you know i mean it in a good way).

jenna said...

Erin, you one bad-ass crafty goddess! (And also maybe a masochist.)

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that when you get to square number 500, you're going to be shuffling in the street, wearing your slippers and talking to blades of grass.

For the love of all that is good and pure, bend and do the strip method!!!

Your SP
(Moo!) A-HA! A clue!