Wednesday, August 02, 2006

hello dears. hey so there's a record-breaking heatwave currently kicking the east coast's ass. you might be asking yourself, who the heck is baking in this kind of weather? only me. only me. chocolate chip gingerbread cookies from feb06 living, with fresh ginger from the illustrious public market. and darn it they are fabulous. even though opening the 350 oven to remove them kind of makes you want to kill yourself. at 350 that makes it only like 3 or 4 degrees hotter inside the oven than the rest of the apartment.

speaking of killing yourself, yesterday i walked like four blocks to the VOA and viet nam vet thriftstores on main, in the 3457637 degree heat i trekked over, bravely, in search of like 3 key items. let me also mention that binet and jenna and i visited these stores a couple weeks ago. the vet store had like literally 6 cakestands. so i go in yesterday, determined to buy myself a cakestand and oh they only have two in the whole store and they are both fugly. i didn't buy anything and it was really sad. i risked heatstroke for a recipe card box and was rewarded with nothing. MORAL OF THE STORY IS NEVER PASS UP A SWEET YELLOW CAKEPLATE THE KIND WITH LIKE THE WEIRD GLITTER NO MATTER HOW LITTLE SPACE YOU HAVE TO STORE AND DISPLAY YOUR CAKEPLATE. i wont make that mistake again. cakeplates of the world i will make you mine.

also sorry for the whiny disatisfied last post wheeech that was a weinerized moment. ill try not to do that too much. my dad says dont wish your life away, so i wont. it's kind of lazy to be like I DONT WANT TO DO THE WORK I JUST WANT A LOVELY LIFE WITHOUT PUTTING IN THE EFFORT.

anyways im taking the wilton 1 cake decorating class at my store in september with two cute girls that i work with (here's how it works at joann: there are basically two kinds of employees: ones that are prolly old enough to be my mom and ones that are in college slash recent grads trying to get their shit together. there are a handful of exceptions, but not many). unfortch, its going to be on thursday nights also known as knit night. oh no, you guys. when two of my unhealthy loves collide: CAKE VS. KNITTING. death match.

i'm going to become auntie erin in a few months when my little husband's little brother and his little wife have a little baby girl. so i am planning a baby blanket for the anticipated child. i was all about the HEXAGON until today i did a little math and found that i would have to cut out, at minimum, 896 hexagons, baste them all, and then whip them together by hand. a little too ambitious for a first quilt. i'm switching my sights to a postage stamp quilt top. 896 hexagons ain't going to happen. freakin baby would be like graduating highschool by the time her crazy aunt finishes her babygift.

blogger doesn't seem in the mood to upload my pics. lovely. im gonna go, my iced mocha is melted and i have to work in a few hours. damn you blogger. xoxoxox bye friends stay classy.


jenna said...

I think you should make your life lovely by buying all the thrift store cake stands in all the world...come what may.

Oh no! Cake vs. Knitting Smackdown??? If we forgive you for abandoning us and taking your fabulously inappropriate and hilarious commentary with you, do we get cake? :)

Anonymous said...

Damn, those cookies look delicious! Can I have to recipe? I'm a choco-holic!

My grandmother always said "If you see something you like, GET IT. It mights not be there when you go back." Darned if she wasn't right.

Hope you're getting a break from the heat, finally.

You Secret Pal, Pointy

krazybarrister said...

hmm, what will the bakers say about cake with legs? we've still got you for a few more weeks yet, so i will try my damndest to make it to knit nites. and when you do start your cake nites, if you happen to want to drop off some samples on your way home, i won't say no ;) i shall keep my eyes peeled for cake stands waiting to be loved.