Tuesday, August 08, 2006

5 things about me, followed by some other stuff.

1. although my twenty-third birthday will be here in not four months, i am frequently mistaken for much younger. how often i have had to inform people that, actually, i recently graduated from college, not high school. i don't know exactly what they base this assessment on, but it can be rather embarassing. which leads me to item two.
2. carrot cake
on june 4 2005, i married my favorite, aaron david. there was cake and gingham and pink ribbon and christmas lights and country music and hot dogs and beer and it was lovely. we are alike in too many ways to list (we have, phonetically, the same name!, our birthdays are one right after the other, we've both quit smoking, are liberal and vegetarians and behave the same way when we are nervous, to name only a few). i love him to death and he is my very best friend. and if one more person tells me "OHHHHH you're too young to be married", i'm gonna punch them in the mouth. we're terribly happy together, and i think when it's right you will just Know. so they can cram it.
3. my ipod's name is shirley temple. my ibook's name is lappy. my hard disk's name is edna. my bike doesn't have a name but maybe it should.
4. i burst into tears when the topic of moving away comes up, but i know someday we will have to. i have lived in rochester ny my entire life and it's getting to be about that time to Go Do Something Else. just to see. but don't worry cos i'm not going anywhere yet.
5. if/when i start my "line" of "things", the working title is "terrible delicious", which is ganked from a recipe for barbequed tofu, from an incredible cookbook by cresent dragonwagon. i want to make the recipe but am intimidated by it's extremely long ingredients list. someone has to have a cookout to motivate me (and they better not say EWWW TOFU GROSS before ever even trying it. tofu is super)!

so there it is.

in other news, we are buying a scion Xa. a red one!! so last night, we were sitting in a cubicle at the desk of our sales guy, who was going to get something from somewhere else. i'm a world away, knitting the front of the secret underpants with renewed determination (still no word from d. stoller), when aaron leans in and asks me "what are you making?". i answer, without looking away from my needles, "you know, secret underpants two point oh to see if this yarn will sub my first yarn was discontinued". he says. "oh, right", sits up, and says loudly "UNDERPANTS." alarmed by my husband yelling UNDERPANTS across a room full of toyota salesmen, i look up in horror to realize that my knitting had sparked the curiousity of the sales manager across the way, who apparently couldn't get my attention to ask me directly what i was working on. so he asked aaron. AARON. HE OF NO SHAME. i must have turned same color as the underpants in question (4227). god bless him but i would have answered SHORTS.


Anonymous said...

So you can count your final SP package as an early birthday present!

Funny. We had country music and Arizona Iced Tea at our wedding party (eloped, so no wedding dinner).

My iPod's name is...oops! Can't tell you yet. But I will. I name everything.

Sometimes moving is a good thing. It's rough but can be like a breath of fresh air. Unless you're moving to a big city. Fresh air...not so much.

Good luck with the new Scion. You can sit in it with your knitted UNDERPANTS! Honestly, sometimes men are kind of dense. But we still love them.


Amber Noreen said...

People always tell me I look 17. And they always say stupid things about my getting married. My favorite ever is: "You guys were dating three years before you got engaged? Isn't that kind of a long time?" What what what??? ANYHOW.

My iPod is named Margene. My MacMini was Brian's and he named it Cactus. My bike is Jet Pilot. My sewing machine is Lulu.

I love the underpants story. Adorable. I want to see said secret underthings.

We're getting an Old Dodge Neon when the insurance folks send Brian's dad the check for the Crushed Mercury Tracer.

jenna said...

BAH!!! Underpants...that's killer.

Is your bike a boy or a girl?

krazybarrister said...

i get the age thing all the time, but i always say that when i'm 50, i'll look 30. so pfft to everyone else. will try to make the toad, but i've been battling a nasty cough-y thingy so we'll see how i feel ...