Friday, May 05, 2006

happy cinco de mayo, y'all.

this happy little cuppycake was a giftie for dear kim, a chick_with_sticks, who celebrated her birthday yesterday. YAY KIM HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. i heart my knitters.

nautie's almost done. i'm thinkin about pompon socks for my next project.

thanks to rachel fr directing me here :knitta please. i love it i love it i love it it's brilliant, we need to start a crew!!!!


krazybarrister said...

you will be the queen of yarn pastries. finally got a chance to check out the bloggie, and i promise to return ;)

sarah said...

love your blog!

i'll add it to my list!

amber noreen said...

That is the best knitted cupcake I have ever seen & I have been looking at them all morning. Where did you get the pattern for that missy?