Wednesday, August 01, 2007


There must be something wrong with me.

Innocently enough, as I occasionally do, this morning I checked the local NBC affiliate's website,, for the weather report. I walk most of the places I go. I like to know just how miserable I am going to be. Pretty effin' miserable:

WTF, IOWA?! WHAT FOR? WHO NEEDS THAT!! Ack ack ack, a thousand times, ack.

The weird part though, is that while most folks are currently experiencing cooking ennui, not I. Oh no. Since I got back, I swear the oven has been going going going and the little house has just been hotter than hot. But we've enjoyed lovely lasagna (see 7/27/07 for the Lasagna Show), some molasses cookies that promised soft and chewy but delivered cakey, Alton Brown's Good Eats Granola, samosas (Molly Katzen style), and today, easily 90 degrees out, I made banana walnut bread. It needed to be done. I added a sprinklin' of nutmeg and a generous dose of cinnamon and it's pretty awesome. Aaron keeps coming home saying "Hi peanut something smells good Jeeeeesus it's hot in here". Next up: SEITAN!

I've also started knitting the Twinkle Shopping Tunic from VK Holiday 05 out of some white Wool Ease Thick&Quick that I picked up from work for 97 cents a ball, crocheted a handful of granny squares AND I've completely fallen madly for the quilts of Kaffe Fassett (a topic for another post). There has to be some kind of seasonal disorder that explains why I am dreaming of blankets and knitting sweaters when the temperature of my house rivals that of the earth's core.


binet said...

it's no better here- right now i feel like the bit of the popsicle that melted off and hit the ground.

you should finish your mermaid- i think it will look fantabulous on you. i've decided to make it for next summer, as i have too much on my plate as it is, and way too much in my stash.

let me know how the seitan turns out!

barbara aka said...

where are you?....i love your blog and miss reading about your entertaining life......honestly you really need to post daily......i know i know....then you won't have time to do anything to actually blog about....but still......and damnit.....somebody turn the damn thermometer down in atlanta too......i did NOT sign up for this heat......