Monday, August 27, 2007


Alone at home after school with the sun coming in through the curtains, the cats have been fed and are lounging contentedly, just the white noise of cars outside and birds that have built a nest in our fireplace chirping (don't ask). It's quiet. Peaceful. I want to pretend it's fall but I know that outside it's 86 degrees and Mississippi River Valley humid. It can be fall inside at my house, anyway.

I ran around like a lunatic all last week stressing about the brief ( nonetheless, short-notice) visit from A's family. I changed the sheets on the guest bed and went and did something else and this is how I found Norton upon my return to the spare room. It just made me laugh. He climbed into the blanket tunnel to escape the whirling crazy person tearin' it up all over HIS house. When we moved here, for the longest time he spent most of his days under that blanket, which was the bedspread at the time. He would not come out for nothin'. This went on for what seemed like forever.
"Hey, have you seen Norton?"
"Um, no. Check the futon."
Cat-shaped lump under the red blanket. Yep. And now that he's settled in, he is into everything. While I don't appreciate him knocking every object in sight off the kitchen counter, I felt sick knowing he was so uncomfortable he wanted to hide in bed all day. But he's all better now, and back to his old tricks.

So on my home inprovement binge, this happened and it's just as cute as I imagined it would be. I love when that happens. Mary Engelbreit's "Chair Of Bowlies" print, my salt & peppers, a can of red spray paint, and some homesewn aprons. It's my new favorite spot in the house. Bless A's heart for hanging that stuff for me. And powertools. Bless powertools.

We did a very grown up thing and got a mirror for over the fireplace. It's like, the thing to do. Nothing lights a quick-decorating fire under the arse like a visit from A's mother, no?

Knitting: The sistergloves grew fingers, spontaneously. It amazes me how creepy they look spread out on the table versus how classy they look on. But the ends need to be darned up and also it's astonishingly hard to photograph your own arm with results that even approach normal. It's hilarious, actually. Try it sometime.


rr said...

I wish we could come visit. Miss you all. Interested in the fire if we just drop in ...

Sistergloves? What sister? I know nothing. But, still dunno what to do about her impending event.

Hmmmm ... cats hiding in bed ... better than under one, yes?

Hugs, Sweetie.

The Dad

binet said...

i've been avoiding photographing my gloves for these reasons. as long as they look good on though.

jenna said...

ima on ur blog, stealin' all ur dekeratin' ideas.